Chain tension dictates accuracy!

Written on 05/18/2020

When it comes to producing reliably accurate timber its important to understand how your machine works.

Chain stretch can pose a real problem if used incorrectly.

Most portable sawmills use chains or ropes. These all have a tension side and slack side.

When it comes to operating our Automated and Manual mills it's very important to adjust sizing as follows:

  • When sizing horizontally on your Manual or Automated model; wind the crank anti-clockwise and stop once you have hit your mark on the sizer. If you overshoot, wind back clockwise at least 2 rotations and then try again anti-clockwise until you hit your mark. 
  • When sizing vertically on your Automated model; lower the unit using your hand crank or drill. Stop on the downward motion. If you overshoot the mark, raise the saw head and beam up 1" and then try again on the downward motion.
  • When sizing vertically on your Manual or Slabber model; lower the unit 1" beyond the mark and then click back up to your designated mark. This is so your cable is pre-tensioned.

Following these processes will ensure that you are able to achieve the necessary accuracy.