Assembling your manual mill

Written on 04/18/2020

There are very few parts to the manual machine:

  • Short 3m beam sections x 2
  • End frames x 2
  • Carriage x 1
  • Motor x 1
  • Tube kit x 1

Parts may be hand-carried into the bush by 2 people.

All mill parts may fit in a very small car or plane for remote operations.

The two alloy beams slide together. They are then fastened together via 12 x M10 set screws.

  • The join is provided with additional small screws for a more rigid connection. However, these are not an essential addition.

Position the end frame's at each end of the log.

Place the beam so that the square end sliders rest on top of each end frame's tube.

Chock up the end frame's feet so that each end skid is parallel to each other by eye.

Slide the end frame post and lifting winch through the square slider and over the tube until it contacts the base. Repeat this for the other end.

Connect the wire hook to the square slider's lifting eye for each frame.


Slide the carriage onto the end of the beam.

Drop the end stop into its hole to prevent the carriage from sliding off.

At this point install the blade and guards.

Install the Honda engine.

  • Note the 13hp is ideal for remote milling as it includes the pull start and does not require an additional petrol tank or battery to connect. It also only weighs 37kg!

There are 4 bolts that locate the motor. Simply tilt the motor forward and loop the 2 belts into position. Tighten the bolts.

Connect the alloy tube kit. This is what links the sideways movement.

Connect the emergency stop wires.