Double cutting

Written on 11/30/2016
Jake Peterson Peterson

You’re able to saw one double cut per drop of your machine. This is done by cutting from both sides of your saw. Swing blade sawmills are not made equal. Some designs require the complete head to be turned around to achieve this.

The sawing sequence is as follows:

Sawing on the Turbosawmill:

  • Remove the left edge of the log as you would normally (a horizontal cut followed by a vertical cut).
  • Now perform the deepest horizontal cut possible.
  • Once at the other end swing the blade up into vertical and move over an additional increment to edge the far side of your slab. When you shift it sideways do not add your kerf as its already been calculated in the first cut.
  • Return sawing vertical – edging the far right of your double cut.
  • Drive the saw back through that same cut and move the mill over around 20” and swing back to horizontal.
  • Raise your guard up out of the way and pull the saw back on the ‘back cut’. Make sure that the log is between the blade and operator.
  • Leave a small ledge around 1” between cuts.
  • Wedge the double cut slab to prevent slab dropping on the blade.
  • If possible, its best to overlap the cut by 2”. Race through the cut releasing the slab. The blade should deflect up into the earlier cut and provide a very clean intersect point.

Video link provided to better understand the process...