One Man Automation!

Written on 03/12/2017
Jake Peterson Peterson

Here at Turbosawmill we push the limits of efficiency on our swing blade sawmills. We've got production down to a fine art!

You may be using a manual swing blade right now on your own. I expect you will appreciate exactly what we are talking about.

First you cut the board, then you idle down your saw, pick up the board and stack it.

Stacking the boards takes a good 10-30 seconds out of your productive day every board.

So, if you cut 4 cubes in a day on your own, you’re doing well however, 50% of that time would have spent stacking the boards!

Well, thanks to our unique frame design and our automated option, our mills let you stack the previous board while your machine automatically saws the next board. Effectively doubling your one-man operation. It's not so hard to swallow the extra cost of automation.

We are the only swing blade manufacturers offering this advantage.

Here is a nice video showing just what we mean...