Stress relief

Written on 11/29/2016

Your swing blade through its natural course of milling has many options available to relieve built in stress from problematic logs.

Sectional cuts. The swing blade has an ability to saw ‘section by section’ deep cuts. Example if you are sawing 10" wide boards, you can cut them in two passes. This reduces the binding effect you would otherwise experience in a single cut. In fact, the first pre-cut serves to guide the second following cut. So traditionally this method yields much more accurate timber.

Vertical edging first. You can saw a series of vertical cuts at the top of the log. This allows all the half-edged boards to absorb stress movement distributed equally among them. Producing more accurate timber within high stressed logs.

Leaving the bottom, right side slab intact keeps the log from bending out of shape when sawing the bottom diminished slab.

When you notice the log start to deform due to stress it’s a very simple process to go back over the face and reskim true.

For these reasons the swing blade is affective sawmill working with high stress logs.