Jake Peterson Peterson on 03/12/2017

One Man Automation!

Here at Turbosawmill we push the limits of efficiency on our swing blade sawmills. We've got production down to a fine art!

Jake Peterson Peterson on 11/29/2016

Automatic edging

The swing blade edges your timber as you remove each board. Unlike a bandsaw, you don’t have to slab, set aside, and re-saw the edges. The swing blade makes sawing timber extremely easy, simply saw horizontal and finish vertical to produce a board. No secondary edging required. You get the complete milling package in the one machine.

Jake Peterson Peterson on 11/29/2016

Blade Cost and Maintenance

Turbosawmill now offer insert style blades as standard with every machine. Takes around 5 minutes to switch out!

Jake Peterson Peterson on 11/29/2016

Stress relief

Your swing blade through its natural course of milling has many options available to relieve built in stress from problematic logs.

Jake Peterson Peterson on 11/28/2016

Reliable Recovery

We've all heard that bandsaws have an incredible recovery. It looks great at shows seeing this VERY thin blade make its way through a log. Not to mention the tiny pile of dust it makes.

Jake Peterson Peterson on 11/28/2016

Straight and True Timber!

There is a science to a circular saw blade. Bigger the diameter, thicker the plate and wider the kerf.