Open side access.

Access, when loading and removing timber, is critical. This is where Turbosawmill excels over other designs.

Swing-blade simplicity in operation.

The swing-blades offers un-matched simplicity in operation. You start at the top and work your way through the log selectively choosing your timber sizes, all the while working around knots and defects.

One Man Automation!

Here at Turbosawmill we push the limits of efficiency on our swing blade sawmills. We've got production down to a fine art!

Automatic edging

The swing blade edges your timber as you remove each board. Unlike a bandsaw, you don’t have to slab, set aside, and re-saw the edges. The swing blade makes sawing timber extremely easy, simply saw horizontal and finish vertical to produce a board. No secondary edging required. You get the complete milling package in the one machine.

Stress relief

Your swing blade through its natural course of milling has many options available to relieve built in stress from problematic logs.

Reliable Recovery

We've all heard that bandsaws have an incredible recovery. It looks great at shows seeing this VERY thin blade make its way through a log. Not to mention the tiny pile of dust it makes.